Unschooling Life

By helping our children explore their own autonomy we watch their interests and passions blossom and travel with them down many wondrous paths.  As trusted advisor, confidant, and chauffeur, we have an incredible opportunity to help them discover who they are and observe this entire process unfold before us.

North Carolina has many unschooling families, traveling this road in their own way at their own pace.  There are many wonderful people with years of collected wisdom out there.  Connecting, supporting and helping unschoolers to develop lasting friendships and a sense of community is the purpose of this web site.

Unschooling may look a little different in every household but there is an underlying respect for the autonomy of the child.  The knowledge that the individual child knows best what is right for him/herself.  If this sounds like you and your family please join us and share the journey.

Making Connections

Join our Yahoo Group to "virtually" meet fellow unschoolers in NC. We have regularly scheduled day trips, impromptu gatherings, a quarterly newsletter, and much more! Join in the discussion, gain and offer support to other unschoolers, and share in your journey. Hope to see you there!

History of NCUnschoolers
Pam Genant shares how NC Unschoolers was formed.


Unschooling T-shirts Check out this cool t-shirt for unschoolers! Created by Teresa Blalock, this witty design is great for any unschooler. Various sizes availabe from child to Plus size.

FLT Gatherings This is a great opportunity to make new friends, as well as to renew old friendships, in a relaxed atmosphere where there is time to choose planned activities, informally discuss homeschooling perspectives with other families, enjoy games, explore trails & visit. Our gatherings are small 20 to 30 families and non-commercial in nature - no outside vendors. (More info)

Need Support?

These experienced unschoolers have agreed to be available for contact to answer questions, offer insight and share thier wisdom. Please feel free to contact any or all of them.


Plan It! Do you have a great idea for a trip, activity or event for unschoolers? Perhaps your hometown has some interesting landmarks or history that others would enjoy. Has your family enjoyed somethign so much that it is well worth sharing with others? Make plans and share them with other unschoolers on our yahoo group. Unschoolers are always looking for fun and interesting things to do.

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