Below is a list of links to resources for unschoolers. These groups, organizations, businesses and services are not all exclusively for unschoolers. But, they provide valuable and useful resources for unschooling families and they have been beneficial to and recommended by other unschoolers. If you have a good resource for unschooling families, please let us know via email, please provide as much information as possible including websites and contact info.



Unschooling Emails Lists and Groups: click here for seperate page

Unschooling Web Sites:  These web sites are by and/or for unschoolers.  Please look around, read and have fun.

*DISCLAIMER* - The descriptions of each web site or Yahoo group have been copied directly from the home page. They do not represent the opinions, beliefs nor imply endorsement of NC Unschoolers leaders nor the designer of this web site.

Peter Kowalke - A website for "All things Peter Kowalke"

Autodiadactic Press - Autodidactic Press is dedicated to two propositions: That lifelong learning is fundamental to living a full and interesting life and that the learning necessary to gain competence in a job or career is far, far more important than how or where it is acquired. You will find lots of material on this site in support of these objectives

The Unprocessed Child - By Valerie Fitzenriter " My book is about how we raised our daughter, Laurie, with attachment parenting and unschooling methods. I discuss issues that concern parents who are considering unschooling their children and offer advice on living a peaceful coexistence with children. -VF"

Autonomous Child - I'm Jan Fortune-Wood. My first degree was in theology at Cambridge and I later completed a PhD in feminist theology. In the past I have worked as a teacher, priest and charity director and am currently a parenting adviser, writer, researcher and editor.

Not Back to School Camp - School-Free: Pursuing Real Life

Amy Bell's Natural Learning Page - Natural learning, or unschooling, is a philosophy of child-led learning. We believe, given a rich environment and involved parents, that children will retain their natural joy for learning and make their lives quests for new, fulfilling experiences.

Unschoolers Unlimited - Website by Ned Vare and Luz Shosie . - Come explore, where parents and children have learned to trust themselves and each other!

Family Unschoolers Network - The Family Unschoolers Network provides support for unschooling, homeschooling, and self-directed learning. If you are an unschooler, homeschooler, self-directed learner, or just learning in general, then this is the site for you! You will find newsletter articles, reviews, resources, web sites, books and lots of other information to help your homeschooling or unschooling efforts.

Sandra Dodd - Learning for fun is the most fun way to learn, and to live. I have gathered much and written some to inspire you to revel in your own learning, and in your children's learning, and in your friends' curiosity and happiness in the face of a world of information!!

Becoming an Unschooler - Website compiled by Mae Kowalke

Danielle Conger -Our approach to homeschooling echoes our approach to life: Live, Love, Laugh and Learn!

Heartland Hollow - Website compiled by unschooler Kathy Ward

Mindful Parenting

The Natural Child Project —Jan Hunt's Natural Parenting site

The Authentic Parent —Naomi Aldort's Parenting site

The Autonomous Child —Jan Fortune Wood's Parenting site

Enjoy —Scott Noelle's Respectful Parenting site

La Leche League International —Mother-to-mother breastfeeding support

Attachment Parenting International —Peaceful parenting for a peaceful world

Center for Non-Violent Communication —Marshall Rosenberg's site

The Mindful Parent —Mindful parenting site

Unconditional Parenting —Alfie Kohn's parenting site

Consensual-living - Consensual living is a process, a philosophy, a mindset by which we seek to live in harmony with our families and community. It involves finding mutually agreed upon solutions, where the needs of both parties are not only considered but addressed.

Transforming Families - What is a progressive family?  A family willing to look through a new pair of glasses, see things differently and look for new solutions to old challenges. A family who creatively looks for mutually agreed upon solutions with respect for everyone involved regardless of age. A family who truly loves one another unconditionally.

Magazines for Unschoolers:These magazines feature articles that lean toward unschooling and/or very relaxed homeschooling.

Live Free Learn Free

Life Learning Magazine

Unschooling Conferences:

Live and Learn Conference- Encouraging families to trust themselves to make good decisions and empowering them to find the support and information they need. This conference is a must attend. Meet other families on the same journey, listen to inspiring speakers and panelists and discover the art of unschooling in beautiful Fairview Heights, Illinois - just across the river from St. Louis.

Rethinking Education - You are cordially invited to attend the 9th National Conference on Rethinking Education, to take place at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Irving, Texas on Labor Day Weekend, September 1 - 5, 2005.  We have been working hard and are so excited about our empowering program.

Homeschooling web sites that may be useful:

NC Dept of Non Public Education

National Home Education Network - Our Mission Statement :
The National Home Education Network exists to encourage and facilitate the vital grassroots work of state and local homeschooling organizations and individuals by providing information, fostering networking and promoting public relations on a national level. Because we believe there is strength in a diverse network of homeschoolers, we support the freedom of all individual families to choose home education and to direct such education.

Homeschool Alliance of NC - "The Homeschool Alliance of North Carolina is an inclusive organization of registered North Carolina homeschoolers, which does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy status, sex, age, marital status, disability, medical condition, sexual orientation, gender identity, homeschool method or any characteristic protected by law.

HA-NC recognizes homeschoolers are a diverse group of individual families, and is committed to the empowerment of all registered North Carolina Homeschoolers in making informed decisions regarding homeschooling in North Carolina."


List of Homeschool Support Groups in NC

List of Unschoolers Willing to Offer Individual Support