Designing "The Shirt"

For those of you who see the design and say.. "???what??? does that say?"    Look at the design closely and you will see, if you read the logo like a Rebus, that is says "Learning through Living" - and below it says,  "Unschoolers Get It"... Unschoolers get the puzzle.. and, they get learning through living..  COOL!,  huh? I was trying to come up with a logo for NCunschoolers and I wanted it to be unique, yet descriptive of our philosophy of unschooling.   I tried several Rebus designs and with some suggestions and MANY MANY trials, I came up with weaving the word learning in and out between the letters of living.  But, there is even more to the design..  The "learning" is repeated over and over because learning in our lives in infinite, it goes on and on... And, it is woven in a slight wave because learning does ebb and flow, it goes in and out, it has highs and lows.  Sometimes learning is in the foreground of our lives, sometimes in the background, but, it is always there.  "Living" is designed in  all caps, in spread out letters because  LIVING  is what we do. We LIVE,  we do not merely exist, we do not eek out day after day as institutionalized robots.  We enjoy our lives and we relish every experience in our living.   Our LIVING is spread out over our whole lives. As I overheard someone say, "Childhood is not a dress rehearsal".  Unschoolers are LIVING in the real world all the time.    We are not preparing our children for "real world living"  They are the real world.  So, when I see the design, I visualize individuals with BIG LIVES- enjoying themselves, sucking up the joy and beauty of life, with a gentle continual wave of learning interspersed through our lives..   And, I think it is so great that Unschoolers Get It!   I am happy with the design, although, when I reorder the shirts, I am going to perhaps modify the design to be even bigger and bolder!

Please email Teresa Blalock for prices and sizes available. Pam can take orders directly through paypal. Thanks!

Learning Through Living!