Need Support?

Have you ever wanted to discuss unschooling one on one, instead of on a busy list?  Have you ever wanted to hear how unschooling works in one family?  The experienced unschoolers listed below have agreed to be willing to discuss unschooling,answer questions, offer insight and share thier wisdom.  Each has shared information about themselves so that you will be able to select the person you would like to talk with.  Contact information is provided by the individual.

Name:   Anna Brown
City/County where you live, and # of years living in this location:   Matthews, NC (south of Charlotte) since 2001
Number of years unschooling:   We've always unschooled
Year of birth and gender of your children: Two daughters born 1/98 and 12/99
Contact e mail and/or phone:    (email me for phone number if you'd like to talk on the phone)
Descriptive bio:   We live consensually ( ).  We love animals, being outside, reading, video games etc.  We have chickens, lots of cats, and do foster work for the humane society.  My girls have never been to school, we have always just loved life, being together and following our passions.  I belong to local groups HBEC and PALs, statewide group NCUnschoolers, national groups Shine and Consensual Living. 

Name - Pat Robinson
City/County where you live, and number of years living in this location - Charlotte area since 1987
Contact e mail and/or phone - 704-849-7770
Descriptive Bio- We live consensually, and have always unschooled since our son was born in 2001. Passionate about natural living, gentle parenting, gardening, traveling and having fun!

Name:  Jennifer Price
City/County where you live, and number of years living in this location:  Tarboro/ Edgecombe County.   We have lived here for a year, before that we were in Halifax county.
Number of years unschooling:  Five.
Year of birth and gender of your children:   2001 male,  1998 male
Contact e mail and/or phone -
Descriptive bio: Drew, who is now 10, went to kindergarten for two months.  I always wanted to homeschool, but thought I couldn't because I was a working single mom.  Well, we all hated him being in school, so he came home.  We very briefly tried to do a curriculum, but that lasted all of two weeks, and we hated that too.  It was a constant power struggle, with Drew being very assertive about what he did and didn't like to do, and also very active.  I already knew a little about unschooling, and decided to read more about it.  The rest is history!   Seth has never been to school, and they boys love their freedom.  I'm a labor and delivery nurse who works a couple of nights a week.  I got remarried last year.  Michael was in IT, but he hated that, and after meeting us and seeing us chase our passions, he quit his job and became a real estate agent.   We are now working on buying a local coffee house.  We love to travel, and just got back from Florida last week.  We want to someday spend a year or two in an RV, exploring the country. We have been to the last three Live and Learn unschooling conferences. For years, I thought that was the only time we would ever get to meet other unschoolers in person.  After moving here last year, we finally met some other local unschoolers, and are active in a small group.  We consider ourselves radical unschoolers.  The boys have schooled friends here in the neighborhood who are amazed at the amount of freedom they have.  Both boys are way into video games (Wii), with the current obsession being Guitar Hero.  They are also very active outside, with riding their bikes and scooters, and exploring the canal that runs through our neighborhood.  They both play organized baseball and soccer.  And they love anything Star Wars.  Seth is my big imagination boy, always thinking up new monsters, creatures, or super heroes.  Drew loves sports more, has recently become into wanting to try new foods, and now wants to learn to play guitar (thanks to Guitar Hero). Stepdad Mike loves hockey and blogging.   My interests are many and varied, and tend to ebb and flow.  Recent ones have been beekeeping, coffee roasting, learning Spanish, learning guitar, building two websites and a blog, writing a memoir of my life, organizing a food co-op, as as always, I'm an advocate for natural birth and breastfeeding.

Name: Pam Genant
City/County where you live, and # of years living in this location: Valdese, Burke County, 10 years
Number of years unschooling:14
Year of birth and gender of your children: 1994-son, 1997-son
Contact e mail and/or phone:
Descriptive bio: We are an unschooling family living in the foothills of NC.  DH, the boys and I enjoy hiking, camping, reading, movies, video games, and raising our animals.  The boys have always been unschooling.  We live consensually where everyone's needs are considered equally and we work to find solutions to problems that involve everyone getting what they want.  I am a vegetarian living with two other vegetarians, one of our sons does eat meat in his diet.  I co own the NCUnschoolers yahoo group and web site, as well as co own the Consensual-living web site and yahoo group.  I belong to the PATH homeschool group, as well as NC Families Learning Together and am on the Board of Directors for the Homeschool Alliance of North Carolina.  Dh and I are former military.

Name: Julie
City/County where you live, and # of years living in this location: Asheville, Buncombe County, 3 years
Number of years unschooling: always
Year of birth and gender of your children: 2000 - boy, 2003 - boy
Contact e mail and/or phone:
Descriptive bio: We are unschoolers that travel alot.  We are very involved in our huge local homeschooling & unschooling communities.  I moderate the Asheville Unschoolers loop, as well as the secular homeschoolers' HOME-Asheville loop.  I am a work-at-home mom, and have been a single unschooling mom as well.  I run a daycare in my home, which presents us with unique challenges for keeping the unschooling lifestyle and having some kids on schedules.

Name: Teresa Blalock
City/County where you live, and # of years living in this location - Catawba County
Number of years unschooling: Since 2003
Year of birth and gender of your children: Son- 1986, Daughter- 1989, Son - 1991, Son- 1995
Contact e mail and/or phone:
Descriptive bio: Teresa Blalock lives with her husband of 23 years and their four children in Conover, NC.  A North Carolina native, she grew up in Catawba County and her children attended public and charter schools until Dec 2002.  Since their liberation from school, they have happily unschooled completely.  She has always been an "unconventional" parent and been actively involved in her children's lives and education.  Teresa enjoys reading, writing, crafts, camping, and doing family activities, to name a few.